Canal Road Aimsun Model

Client: City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council (CBMDC)

Fore’s Canal Road Aimsun Model assesses a range of development scenarios


  • Production of an Aimsun microsimulation model for the A650 Canal Road corridor in Bradford to test the traffic and movement impact of various new development proposals.
  • Existing traffic flow and journey time data was used to minimise model development costs.


The model has subsequently been used both in-house by CBMDC and by Fore on other projects including:

  • Fore used the model to support CBMDC’s bid for Pinch Point funding at Canal Road /Stanley Road. (Client: CBMDC)
  • For a new food store on Otley Road, Fore extended the model to include the Otley Road corridor through Shipley. The model was the used to test the traffic impact of the proposed scheme and to design an access that would provide better pedestrian links between the food store and Shipley town centre. A number of innovative junction proposals were tested, including shared space and ‘supercrossing’ concepts, with pedestrians modelled using Legion for Aimsun. (Clients: CBMDC and GMI Developments)
  • For New Bolton Woods Masterplan (2014) the model was used to test the impacts of a new mixed-use development, including 1200 new homes, shops and a school. Fore refined the design of improvements proposed to local roads and demonstrated that the Masterplan proposals could be accommodated with fewer changes than were originally proposed. (Client: CBMDC)

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