Logic Park, Leeds

Client: Muse Developments

Travel Plan Co-ordinator role to oversee the implementation of the Framework Travel Plan

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Logic Leeds is a manufacturing and distribution park located 0.5km west of Junction 45 of the M1.

Fore was appointed as the Developer’s Travel Plan Co-ordinator in March 2018 to oversee the implementation of the Framework Travel Plan, with Charlotte Best primarily fulfilling this role.

There is ongoing liaison between the Travel Plan Coordinator with occupier companies of Logic Park, Leeds City Council ITB team, the West Yorkshire Combined Authority and other third parties such as public transport operators to discuss future measures.

Fore has assisted occupiers with relocation workshops, improved cycle facilities, discounted bus travel and improved bus services. In addition, communication materials (including Occupier-specific Travel Guides, sustainable travel events) are regularly produced to promote sustainable Travel. In addition, surveys are undertaken annually to help review the effectiveness of the Framework Travel Plan.

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