Wakefield Aimsun Modelling

Client: Wakefield Council

Fore’s comprehensive model of city road network allows Wakefield Council to test a wide range of proposed highway improvements


  • Aimsun Microsimulation was used to build a virtual model of roads and traffic in Wakefield City Centre.
  • The model is maintained and updated on a project-by-project basis, allowing Wakefield Council to look at different scenarios.
  • Used to test the operation of individual junctions, as well as the wider impacts of network improvements and alterations.


  • Easy to compare impacts of different highway configurations.
  • Strong graphics and videos enhanced understanding of impacts.
  • Used as evidence to support successful funding applications.
  • Facilitated new sustainable transport schemes throughout Wakefield, including Bus Priority and improved pedestrian connections.

“Fore have provided expertise in developing the Aimsun model of the city of Wakefield. Their approach has been professional, efficient and effective in the development of schemes and assessment of options.”

Paul Stevenson, Transportation Planning Manager, Wakefield Council

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