Travel Planning

Fore provides travel planning services to our clients at each stage of development from planning application to ongoing occupation, including assisting our clients in discharging planning conditions and obligations. We produce travel plans, travel information booklets and websites, act as Travel Plan Coordinator, carry out monitoring, and offer personalised travel planning to users of the development. Our travel plans ensure that a culture which supports sustainable transport choices is present at the first stages of development, and that obligations from highway authorities are fair and appropriate.

Fore’s Travel Information booklets and websites can be branded to your house style, and provide valuable information for the users of your development to discourage unnecessary car travel. When acting as Travel Plan Coordinator, we carry out on-site promotion of the travel plan, as well as monitoring and reporting of performance, and proposing measures to deliver aims and targets. Our range of personalised travel planning programmes provide tailored advice for individual users of the development, highlighting the specific benefits they would enjoy if they chose to travel more sustainably. Examples include using GIS outputs of staff postcodes to match potential car sharers and offering a helpline for people seeking travel advice.