Bluebell Gardens, Morley, Leeds

Client: Persimmon Homes

Fulfilling Travel Plan Coordinator role at residential development of 115 homes


  • Commissioned by Persimmon Homes to fulfil the role of Travel Plan Coordinator for three years after first occupation.
  • Promote non-car travel at Bluebell Gardens and act as a point of contact for residents.
  • Carry out surveys to assess the performance of the Travel Plan.
  • Liaise with Leeds City Council’s TravelWise team to review progress.


  • Resident Travel Guides prepared and issued to new residents, as well as being available in the marketing suite, and information included on the sales website.
  • Fore promote and administer the free MCards available to each household – offering free travel on bus and rail for 12 months from application. This has resulted in an uptake of around 50%.
  • The first travel surveys, carried out 6 months after first occupation, offered a prize to one participant to maximise the response rate. The results showed that the development is far exceeding its Travel Plan targets. Just 44% of residents are travelling to work by driving alone (target of below 62%) and just 9% of children are travelling to school by car (target of below 10%).
  • Ongoing communication to residents continues to promote sustainable transport, and let them know they can direct their travel-related queries towards the dedicated Travel Plan Coordinator.

“Based on the number of responses received targets are being met in line with the Travel Plan regarding single occupancy car use for both Travel to Work and Travel to School.”

Julie Whitehurst, Leeds City Council TravelWise team.

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